Tuhala Bio OÜ is recognised as compost producer by Estonian authorities

The Food and Veterinary Office visited Tuhala OÜ Bio compost production in December 2015. As a result a license no. 01 / ABP / OV01 is  issued to Tuhala Bio OÜ.
There are 6 companies in the list of the Food and Veterinary Office of Estonia who are producing organic fertilizers and soil improvers. A lot of attention has to be payed for manure composting to meet all the demands of a high quality compost. In order to get a best quality compost, Tuhala Bio OÜ purchased a new special machinery, produced in Austria, a compost-turner Sandberger.
http://www.vet.agri.ee/compost producers Est.pdf

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January 09, 2020
January 09, 2020
March 03, 2020
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